Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hurricane Season is Approaching

This looks like it is going to be an early storm season as down here in the mexican caribbean tropics we have already gotten a large tropical storm on the east and west coast. I have a feeling that in Florida we will be seeing tropical storms in July and a very active hurricane season. Even though it was rather cool up until the end of May the oceans are still heating up and promise to send a few whoppers our way. This means preparing for hurricane season now is very important...don't wait until the last minute to have the tracks put on the outside of your windows for installing the hurricane storm panels. If you don't like having to store panels and put them up each year you may want to opt for something more permanent and easier to use like hurricane shutters. Hurricane Shutters do cost more and in some cases are not the right type of hurricane protection for some types of windows. On the condos facing the ocean they are required by your insurance company. If you live on a house facing the ocean they may also be required. Further inland they are not required but you should get some kind of shutter or put on fixed frames to slide storm panels onto.

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