Monday, July 24, 2006

What to do After A Hurricane is Over

Things to do after a hurricane is over.
Keep listening to NOAA Weather Radio or local radio or TV stations for instructions.
If you evacuated, return home when local officials tell you it is safe to do so.
-Inspect your home for damage.
-Use flashlights in the dark instead of candles if possible.
-In the case of a power outage bring out the generator if you have one and make sure it is running properly and that you have plenty of gas set aside before plugging appliances into it.
-Prioritize what needs to be done you don't get overwhelmed make a list of repairs needed to make living more comfortable indoors and do those things first.
If you have hurricane storm panels remove them to let light in and if electricity is out open the windows to let air in.
-Put your storm panels away but in a place that is easily accessible because during hurricane season you may need to use them again sooner than you think.
-Throw out spoiled food in the refrigerator.
-Make a grocery list of the most essential items you will need to get by.
Assess any water damage and if there is any take a picture of it before cleaning it up.
-Call your insurance agent to report any covered damages.
-Put damp furniture outside to dry, throw rugs, curtains, etc - these things can get mildewed if left inside which makes cleaning them more difficult.
-After making the inside of your home more liveable then you can tackle outdoor cleanup projects using a chainsaw, hand saws, tree pruners, dump trailer, utility cart, etc.,.
-If there are alot of broken tree limbs you may want to create a debris pile first to put them in...
then cut them up later when they have dried out.
-Water treatment-you may have to boil your water before using it for cooking and drinking and if possible use bottled water for drinking and washing vegetables.

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